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Drop Ship Fulfillment

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You may be wondering, what is drop ship fulfillment? Drop ship fulfillment, or drop shipping, is a technique that’s used in the world of fulfillment management. Basically, drop ship fulfillment allows companies to run their business without having to manage a retail store or handle physical stock. Instead of keeping merchandise in stock, the retailer sends customer orders and other shipping information to either the wholesaler or manufacturer. Once they receive it, the merchandise is shipped to the customer.

The Benefits of Drop Ship Fulfillment

J.M. Field Marketing has 20 years of experience in fulfillment services, specializing in providing on-demand drop ship fulfillment. If you’re new to drop ship fulfillment and you’re just starting to use it, why not partner with a fulfillment company that’s experienced? One of the biggest benefits of working with J.M. Field Marketing is that you don’t have to maintain inventory at all. When you choose us, your products and packages will be stored in a secure, state-of-the-art fulfillment center.

Why Should I Use J.M. Field Marketing’s Drop Ship Fulfillment?

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The great thing about drop ship fulfillment is that you don’t have to worry about paying wages to a large staff or making enough to cover your rent. However, this means that you are only as good and productive as the fulfillment company that ships your customers’ orders. With a great drop ship fulfillment company in Davie, Florida by your side, you only need to concentrate on expanding and marketing your company.