Delivering Results at Our Fulfillment Distribution Warehouse

Once you outsource your fulfillment to our distribution warehouse, it’s easy to understand why we’re the best fulfillment company in the industry. We take a lot of pride in what we do here at J.M. Field Marketing, which is why our fulfillment services remain top-notch and superior to competitors. Our distribution warehouse facilities have over 205,000 square feet of storage space, making it easy for you to store your merchandise. The best part is that we have locations throughout the West coast, East coast, Mid-West and Canada!

Distribution Warehouse Services That Get the Job Done

From online order processing and inventory management to customized kitting and pick and pack, we have all of the necessary resources to handle your fulfillment needs. We’re definitely not new to the playing field, since we have over 20 years of experience providing fulfillment services to our clients. Our dedicated pick and pack team is trained to quickly pick, pack and ship orders the minute they come through our system. Unlike other distribution warehouse centers, we don’t wait until the last minute to process orders. You can count on us to accurately package and deliver your products to consumers on time.

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Are you ready to see how a real fulfillment warehouse works? Come into our facility for a FREE consultation where we’ll show you our daily operations and walk you through all of the different departments. If you don’t have time to meet in person, you can always call 844-523-1957 to speak with a fulfillment expert and receive a quote.

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