Providing Solutions with Inventory Management Software

Without having a system in place that tracks inventory and manages customer orders, it would be difficult to successfully operate your business. In order for your business to thrive and function satisfactorily, you need inventory management software to handle all of the logistics. Our robust system will give you the solution you need to effectively run your business.

Stay on Track with Inventory Management Software

At J.M. Field Marketing, we know what it takes to keep your business on track. That’s why we’ve developed revolutionary software, All In View, that will help you stay in control of inventory and customer orders. Since it’s all electronic, you never have to worry about manually managing inventory again. All of your important information, like order status and shipping data, is all in one place.

Ecommerce Integration Brings Real-Time Push and Pull

We know that shopping cart integration is important, which is why J.M. Field Marketing includes it in our inventory management solution. Our system syncs with your site and provides you with inventory tracking capabilities, real-time reporting, online order processing and more. What makes our inventory management software the best is our real time push and pull. When customers place orders on your website, we’ll get notified of the orders. Once orders are shipped, All In View updates the order status and then sends important information (order status, tracking data, etc.) to your shopping cart. Lastly, the customer gets alerted of the changes.

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